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Why you should hire a web development company over a freelancer ?

While searching for website development services online, a plethora of web development agencies are listed – some are website development companies and some are freelance website developers. While hiring freelancers is a good option for short term, artististic jobs, when it comes to developing a robust business or product website and its maintenance, it is always wise to go with a web development company. Here is why.


While a freelance web developer is one person, a Website development company offers the expertise of a number of employees at your disposal. There will be a team of developers, testers and designers working on your website. This not only ensures quicker delivery, but also puts the best minds in the business at work for your project. And that quality clearly shows in the end result.

Diverse Skills 

At the core of any technical task is the basic skill set. The industry thrives on techies who have been perfecting their skills on various genres. Web development companies hire these experts to work on your website. Why go for a Jack of all trades when you can have the Kings of each trade?


These dedicated companies have been offering web development services throughout the duration of their existence. They have a history of projects that they worked on and the client can get an idea of how their website would turn out, suggest modifications for custom web designs and can generally rest in the knowledge that their site is in good hands. With a freelance web designer with whom you have no prior experience, there is little information about these critical elements.


Along the same lines, when you hire a web development company with contracts and timelines, there is accountability for actions. Anything will be handled professionally with different departments set up for various parts of the contract. With hiring freelance web developers comes the risk of depending on one person to take care of everything and the same person may also be working on other projects in parallel. 

 Delivery Capabilities

There is no doubt that when it comes to delivering quality results on time and providing the support required to maintain the website, a company that employs highly qualified website developers is always better than hiring a stand alone web developer. With dedicated specialists for development, testing and maintenance of the website, you are looking at a complete package.

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