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Is Your Website Responsive ?

Responsive Web designs are the future. Here’s why.

Gone are the days when websites were used as a business supportive tool to display information. Businesses are run on websites now, and it is all the more important to keep your website in top shape, with user personalization and easy to maneuver from all devices. In other words, a responsive website. 

Here are 8 reasons why you should invest in a responsive website.

  1. People increasingly have access to mobile devices and spend more time on them.

With mobiles available at any budget, smartphones are getting increasingly accessible to the population at large. The same cannot be said about computers. Since mobiles provide a wider audience, it is highly important to ensure the website’s performance and ease of access via mobile devices.

  1. Browsing and shopping from mobile devices is steadily increasing.

Users have been getting comfortable buying online for a while now and a lot of them are shopping from mobile devices. When that happens, it is the business’ need to keep their website easy to use and ensure monetary transactions are safe and fuss free.

  1. More users discover your website from social media – meaning mobile visitors.

With increased marketing on social media sites, which is where most users even come across a vendor, direct links to sites are opened from mobile devices. The site then, should be made to be interactive and fit to be used via mobile devices.

  1. Responsive sites have improved SEO rankings.

SEO optimizations are more improved in responsive sites. With security, mobile friendliness and other benefits that come with responsive sites, their SEO rankings are also higher. A good SEO score is crucial to keeping the site relevant and bringing in traffic.

  1. Responsive sites are compatible with all digital devices.

One of the major benefits of responsive sites is that they work seamlessly from all digital devices. The flexible grid layouts ensure smooth and similar experience across devices.

  1. Most comfortable user experience.

Interactive sites are built to provide the fastest response time, easier menu access and act according to the user’s preferences, thereby providing the best user experience.

  1. Cost effective for the owner.

With all of these benefits, responsive sites are also cost effective. Between secure transactions, interactive user interface, ease of access, user personalization and all the other benefits that comes with it, a responsive site offers everything you ever need. There is no need for revising and revisiting the format multiple times.

  1. Easy to maintain.

Most traditional websites require constant updates and inputs from the owner in keeping it up to date and relevant. Responsive sites on the other hand, are extremely fuss-free to maintain and require minimal redo and reformatting. Once live, a good web development team will be able to take care of the regular maintenance without you losing your sleep over it.

 If you are looking for help with creating responsive websites for your business, Amoga Web Labs can help you.

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